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Three little books travel the world. It is the story of Oskar, a curious meerkat who is told about the mysterious existence of meerkats living in the sea: The meermaids. The stories are written by several people from different countries. Get more informations about this international storytelling project below the map.

Have a look at the interactive map and get to know the storytellers. Just click on the hotspot dots on the map and find out which countries and towns the book has already travelled. You will also get some informations about the authors and a picture of them below the map by clicking the hotspot on the map.

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About the story project: And the Oskar goes to...
The story „Oskar and the meermaids“  is part of an international creative project and belongs to a small series of books, created in Germany by Julia Heine and Philomena Höltgemeier.

Every book will contain a different beginning of a story which is going to be developed over time in various countries on several continents. A book consisting of words and illustrations, containing multiple cultural and personal influences.

The beginning of the meerkat Oskar’s story was written by Julia Heine in September 2015. You can have a look at the first two pages by clicking on the picture on the right.

How does the storytelling project work? Guidelines for participants

A successful project needs some rules: The persons who get the book have to continue the story. The content should be connected to the last sentence of the previous author. The storytellers are invited to write at least one sentence, but the maximum length must not exceed one page. They should also ad an illustration or collage which fits to the text.

They can keep the book for one week, before they send it to another country where the story hasn’t been before. The contact person does not have to be a writer or an artist. It can be anyone who would be possibly interested in the project and story. The person ends the story sends the book back to Heine und Partner in Germany.

What's the connection between Oskar and Heine und Partner?

This media project is developed in cooperation with the creative media agency Heine und Partner. Oskar is the mascot of the agency and responsible for storytelling.

The curious and joyful meerkat also stands for the values of the team such as motivation, reliabilty, appreciation and team spirit. Follow Oskar’s story via our Facebook Fanpage.


If you like to take part in another story in the future just send us an email and we come back to you when the next journey starts. You can also follow meerkat Oskar’s journey on facebook.